Founded in 2007 by Dr. Michael Corr, the Holistic Health Center is located in the historic city of Viroqua, in the beautiful driftless region of south western Wisconsin.  Having a knack for restoring some of the older buildings in town, Dr. Corr converted the old feed supply store into a multi-room natural medicine clinic.  The bamboo floors, accented by an occasional dash of corrugated steel, create a warm, authentic feeling true to the building's history, and its now, modern usage.  The renovation was accomplished using all non-toxic, green materials to ensure the most positive healing environment.  Equipped with ample parking, wheelchair accessibility, plenty of natural light, and only a short walk from downtown, the Holistic Health Center is open Monday through Friday, with appointments booked to suit your needs.  Our Practitioners are highly respected, fully licensed, and have the experience required to help you.

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