“I have had nothing but great experiences with Dr. Corr.  He gets me in on short notice and always tries to target and work on the areas where I need the most help.  He has also done a great job with my 3 year old daughter.  I am always 100% pleased when I walk out from my treatments!”

- Anna S.

“I have been seeing the professionals at the holistic health center in Viroqua, Wisconsin for about two years now. Twenty years ago, I sustained a whip lash injury from an automobile accident which has caused chronic pain in my neck, and, about 10 years ago, I sustained a back injury from a fall which still causes pain. Over the years I have received both manipulations and/or physical therapy from various chiropractors. Although these professionals were good and well qualified, I never experienced as much sustained pain relief as I have since I began seeing both Drew Fisher and Julie Brommerich. Although their techniques are totally different, and they each have their own approach, I have found them both to be very caring and uniquely talented in their abilities to heal. I do and have recommended them to others.”

- Gayle S.

“As a practitioner of integrated, alternative healing approaches for whole person well-being, I believe that deep, transformational healing happens as a result of the environment created by a healer’s energy. William Fiorella is one of the most energetically healing persons I know. He is kind, knowledgeable, patient and compassionate in his approach to Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. His treatment space draws out one’s own internal healing abilities by providing an unsurpassed sense of peace and calm. William is a caring listener who communicates from a deep inner truth.”

- Wan C.H.

“My sessions with Jennelle were deeply moving, restorative, and healing. Although I made the initial appointment due to acute back pain, she moved beyond the physical and seems to have refined my mind/body wiring, and opened up space for true essence to radiate. The chronic pain has faded and I can return to the mindful place of the work and continue it myself.”

— Kysa H.